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Best Sony Projector in 2023

Sony Projector

Best Sony Projector in 2023

Sony Projector distributor UAE, see the brand as an all-time favorite, with buyers from different market segments. Its high-quality performance and reasonable pricing have made it an all-time success, among those who love quality performance.

Sony projectors are amazing next-generation projectors, these laser projectors are best in efficiency, convenience, and response. They simply project brilliance, creating less impact on the environment and a powerful impact on the audience.

Sony is best known for its high performance; the company believes in the meticulous development of its products. The 3LCD systems conserve energy as they start up instantly.

Why buy Sony Projectors?

  • Contain laser light sources lasting up to 20 thousand hours, they don’t need lamp replacement which makes them cost-effective
  • Perfect for ceiling-mounted installations 
  • Saves your time and energy as it starts up and shuts down in an instant.
  •  Auto picture mode adjusts the light level 
  • Exceptional image quality 
  • Low environmental impact
  • Longer lamp life 
  • Easy maintenance 

Sony Authorized Supplier in UAE

The UAE has a great market for electronic products, people from all over the world shop in Dubai for electronics, MKB Bespoke Audio is the ultimate Audio-Visual Equipment Store in UAE, offering a wide range of high-quality equipment for all your audio and visual needs. From speakers to amplifiers, projectors to screens, we have it all. Trust us for all your audio and visual needs. MKB Bespoke Audio offers you Sony Projectors at the best price. We sell the latest Sony projectors, to name a few 


Highly recommended for home cinema 


Recommended by avforums, for strikingly clear projection.


With the newly developed Live Colour Enhancer, you’ll enjoy lifelike skin tones and vivid images


Wide dynamic range with high resolution, suitable for bright viewing places


Smooth fluid onscreen motion 

MKB Bespoke Audio is the best Sony product dealer in Dubai and a professional audio equipment distributor. It’s our passion and dedication to music, sounds, and records that drove us to this unique venture. We started our journey as a small business and over the years as the popularity of our brand splurged, we have taken the initiative to become the best source of audio systems in the Middle East.

We carry a wide selection of audio speakers from all the renowned brands in Dubai

WhatsApp us at +9 7154 7724 296 or connect with our sales team at

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