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Buy On Wall Speakers and Audio Visual Equipment Online in Dubai

audio visual equipment

Buy On Wall Speakers and Audio Visual Equipment Online in Dubai

MKB Bespoke Audio sells the best audio visual equipment from the best brands across the world, Visit our store in Dubai or shop online for all kinds of wall Speakers and audio-visual products from world-class brands.

TruAudio AS-BASE Wall Mount Bracket, Wall Mount Bracket for As-1, As-2, And As-3

Manufactured in the USA Highly-Convenient Wall Mount Bracket is a sleek mounting solution that requires no screws, has a clamping option, and is mounted in an optimal listening position. Available in Grey.

KEF T301 Speaker, On-Wall, T-Series, Best Offers On Speakers × 2

Manufactured in the UK, is an exceptionally slim profile speaker, with an Ultra-slim bass driver, designed for integration with a Flat TV screen, it accurately reproduces sound, comes with wall-mounting brackets and has a midrange driver that produces clear sound. Available in Black and White.

KEF T301C Single Pack White On-Wall Speaker × 2

Manufactured in the UK, it is an Ultra-thin speaker, that has a warm, natural sound profile, with full-sized satellite speakers, it has engineering integrity with a sophisticated design, and it produces High- definition 3D sound, with Ultra-low-profile bass and midrange drivers. Available in White.

TruAudio Trunami-Sub Subwoofers, in-Wall with Amp

Manufactured in the USA, it’s a high-excursion spider suspension, with two 6.5Bass Augmenting Drivers, and an MDF back box- retrofittable, it has a frameless, magnetic Ghost–grill, which includes white cloth and white paintable grills, Available in Black.

TruAudio GHTW-5.1-SS-12 Home Theatre Package, In-Wall

Manufactured in the USA, it’s an all-in-one Premium Home Theatre Package, with a magnetic frameless grill and Bass equalization adjustments, it has a Front-mounted slot port and Reliably high-powered sound, it’s a 3-way design speaker. Available in Black.

TruAudio GHT-66P In-wall Speaker

Manufactured in the USA, it’s a Frameless Ghost LCR home theatre speaker with an injected Poly Woofer, has a Dual-layer voice coil, with a Magnetic frameless grill, black and white grills, EQ adjustments, and Perfectly Integrates with décor. Available in Black.

KEF Ci3160REF-THX In-Wall Speaker

Manufactured in the UK, It’s an Ultra In-Wall Architectural Speaker, it has a flawlessly natural sound, exceptional dynamic, and power handling, it has a Bespoke 160-mm bass driver and frameless and paintable flush-mount construction with uni-Q driver technology. Available in Black and White.

Buy high-end wireless speakers and soundbars, amplifiers, and high-quality audio devices in Dubai, visit MKB Bespoke Audio we sell Bluetooth speaker systems, Home entertainment systems, Surround sound setups, and Wireless sound solutions in Dubai, get in touch with MKB Bespoke Audio Ultimate Audio-Visual Equipment Store in UAE, which offers a wide range of high-quality equipment for all your audio and visual needs. From speakers to amplifiers, projectors to screens, we have it all. Trust us for all your audio and visual needs.

You can WhatsApp us at +9 7154 7724 296 or connect with our sales team at

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