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Don’t Miss Checking these 4 things While Buying a Subwoofer

Don’t Miss Checking these 4 things While Buying a Subwoofer

Don’t Miss Checking these 4 things While Buying a Subwoofer

Subwoofers are purpose-built speakers designed to exclusively deliver a thumping bass. A good subwoofer exploits the non-directionality of human low-frequency perception.

Low frequencies are extremely important for enjoying music or any cinematic content. It lets you not only listen to the sound but also feel it. And to unleash this truly immersive sonic experience, you must buy subwoofer wisely. 

Choosing a home theater subwoofer is a more objective decision. Why? Because when it comes to a subwoofer, we can easily judge them by their ability to do 3 basic things. 

So, in order to grab your hands on the best subwoofer on the market, look (listen) for these points!

Buy Subwoofer Only After Listening To These 3 Things

1. Low-Frequency Extension

Most subwoofers don’t have the ability to accurately reproduce the deepest bass notes or tones. This means they are unable to reach sound notes at or below 20Hz. These low-quality subwoofers attempt to reciprocate deep base notes by exaggerating the mid-bass performance to hide the missing notes. 

The result? A boomy, single-note bass creating  a poor sonic experience that robs you of the feeling the sound artist really intended to present in the lowest frequencies.

So, only buy subwoofer that seems to run out of steam on very deep bass notes. Play your favourite EDM drop and notice if the bass falls lower and lower in pitch. World-class subwoofers will maintain excellent output levels the whole way down.

2. Accuracy In Frequency Response

The best subwoofer will produce the exact amount of bass you are supposed to hear at the exact right pitch. This is perhaps the biggest factor that should be influencing your subwoofer buying decision. 

Buy subwoofer whose sound is clean, clear, and powerful. The bass sound should not be boring thuds. But rather an extension of the accurate sound the speakers are producing. 

3. Accurate Speed In Transients

Accurate speed in transients means the subwoofer’s ability to “stop and start on a dime”. A good-quality subwoofer should have a fast impulse or change in momentum. If these changes don’t happen at a lighting speed, extra notes get reproduced during those impulse times. The sub will be unable to keep pace with the speakers in an audibly pleasing way.

Great subwoofers stop playing bass at the precise moment they are supposed to. They also kick back at the perfect time, making the bass output indistinguishable from the speaker output.

Look for subwoofers whose base integrates seamlessly with the speakers. The sub should feel like a part of the speaker – accurately blending with their sound and broadening the sonic performance. 

4. Low-Frequency Output At High Sound Pressure Levels (SPL)

A world-class subwoofer will generate enough energy to perform effortlessly with massive SPLs. They will have to do this without bottoming out or simply quitting at those crucial moments. 

While buying subs, check how much energy and chest-thumping power they can create in the deep bass notes. You can look at the wattage which can tell how big the internal amplifier is.

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