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How to Connect Two Bluetooth Earbuds to a PC, TV, and Mobile?

How to Connect Two Bluetooth Earbuds to a PC, TV, and Mobile?

How to Connect Two Bluetooth Earbuds to a PC, TV, and Mobile?

Technology is all about making our lives easy and convenient. That goes for Bluetooth technology as well.

Connecting a Bluetooth headphone to a device wirelessly was a major breakthrough for us. And now, connecting two Bluetooth earbuds simultaneously is an even greater achievement.

Not sure how to connect two Bluetooth earbuds online in UAE simultaneously to your PC or TV? Learn the simple trick here!

Connecting Two Bluetooth Earbuds Simultaneously

  • To PC Or Laptop

To connect two Bluetooth earbuds to your PC or laptop, you will need an external Bluetooth signal emitter. This is because the pre-installed Bluetooth device on your desktop or laptop is not that good. It may allow you to connect two headsets at a time but fail to provide preferable sound quality.

You will find tons of Bluetooth signal emitter devices in the market. Make sure to go for the one with low latency and multiple Bluetooth earbuds support capacity. With such an emitter, you can get better sound quality and avoid sound delays. 

After buying the emitter, update your PC or laptop’s Bluetooth drivers. Then, set the signal emitter device to transfer mode. Do this by moving the slider that is located at the side of your PC.

As for the other slider, put it on auxiliary mode. Using an auxiliary cable, connect the emitter to the PC or laptop.

When done, set the Bluetooth earbuds to pair mode. Switch on the emitter and give the earbuds time to sync with the emitter. 

  • To TV

Use the signal emitter device you bought to connect the two Bluetooth earbuds to your TV. To do that, set the emitter to SPDIF mode by moving the slider to the right. Then, use the SPDIF cable to connect the transmitter to your TV.

Once done, you can pair two or more Bluetooth earbuds to enjoy movies or games.

  • To Mobile

First, check if your phone’s USB Type C port can output audio. Do this by plugging a wired headphone into the port directly or by using an adapter. 

Found everything positive? Then, time to go and buy a Type-C Bluetooth audio adapter. While buying the adapter, make sure it allows two Bluetooth earbuds at once. 

Plug the Type-C Bluetooth audio adapter into your phone’s USB-C port. Set the adapter into Bluetooth pairing mode. Give it a few seconds for the Bluetooth to connect, Then, give it a test run to check whether you are able to hear music.

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