The automated control in F&B and retail venues is to set the ideal ambiance for your customers. As an illustration, consider a restaurant. When people arrive for lunch during the day, the light could be more intense. The music should flow subtly so that guests can hear each other throughout the restaurant as it becomes darker and more customers arrive for supper. As the clock strikes 10, the restaurant morphs into a lounge, and the level of the music escalates suitably. All of these actions are schedulable, limiting the possibility of human error (i.e. forgetting to dim the light).The ability to easily and intuitively control the environment is crucial in a retail setting as well. One button will set the store up and make it ready to operate when the store manager enters the area in the morning. The temperature will dip, the lights will come on fully, and music will be playing throughout the room. When the day is over, the final person who is leaving presses a button, putting the entire store into standby so that work can resume the following morning.