Audio And Video Solutions

Any hotel needs audio-visual equipment. Though it can mean much more, the most common definition is a TV in each room. There can be other set up too like Home theatre systems in a Suit room and VIP rooms Or Sound bars in deluxe rooms . Another thing for instance, a visitor can sign up for a music service (like Spotify) at the front desk or even during the booking process. When the visitor arrives at the hotel, the music system will recognize their phone because it is connected to the hotel Wi-Fi and because it already has their account information, they only need to press the play button on the keypad at the entrance, which is conveniently marked with a “play/pause” symbol. Another is the information on the screen; this is what will probably attract your notice when you first enter your room. The fact that it is on and bright obviously contributes to this, but another factor is that it is a natural information source. Why not benefit from this? The visitor can be informed about activities that might be personalized if the visitor expressed his or her interest while booking the room, or you can easily design an overlay to display any information you desire. Hotel room AV solutions can be as small as Bluetooth speakers of a good brand Like KEF, Loewe Or Bang and olufsun.