Lighting scene setting for public areas, lighting scene setting for private areas, banquet halls, and guest rooms are all included in architectural scene setting for the hospitality industry.

The Guest Room Management System (GRMS), in addition to increasing the hotel’s interior aesthetics, is utilized to make guests’ stays more convenient and to give hotel operators greater control over their properties. These technologies give the visitor exquisite, lovely-looking panels while also greatly lowering the costs of operation and maintenance. They are primarily utilized in guest houses, hotel rooms, and hotel/serviced apartment rooms. However, by automating the area, you may design a user interface that is much simpler to understand than the conventional switches. A keypad may have 2 to 8 buttons, and each button may have a symbol or piece of text designating the scene or action. One button by the bedside may denote the bedside lights, another may denote the curtain, and a third may denote the cove light. You might have a button that sends a signal to the front door’s digital door sign, causing the signal “do not disturb” to show in addition to controls that affect your environment. Again, the whole idea is to increase convenience while also making it simpler to get used to a new location. The many visitors to hostels make symbols perfect for them. A click away is the options like Do Not Disturb, Make My Room, and Laundry Services. Intelligent door locks and access controls, safe systems, and a panic button linked to the security office are security features. In addition to CCTV, Access Control, Access based Lift Systems, Metal Detectors, Communication Systems, Networking, Intercom, Fire Alarm, PA System, Wi-Fi Systems, Audio &Video Systems, and other technology solutions, we also offer a variety of different security solutions too.