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How Do You Pick The Right Floorstanding Speakers For Home?

Floor-standing speakers

How Do You Pick The Right Floorstanding Speakers For Home?

Would you like to settle for less when it comes to your entertainment? We don’t think so!

When you are setting up your home audio setup, it’s essential to know what you are adding to your sound system.

Floor-standing speakers have complete stereo output and can give you a full surround sound – experience. Also known as tower speakers, they are among the best ways to enhance the sound in your music-listening setup.

From covering the bass and trebles, from high to low – and handling everything in between without skipping a beat, floor-standing speakers are the best.

However, buying good floor speakers alone doesn’t always guarantee favorable results. The kind of music you listen to, the entertainment setup in the space, personal preference, and many other essential elements factor into the floor-standing speakers that will work best.

Therefore, we have broken down the key steps and considerations for choosing the right floor-standing speakers.

  • Sound Quality

Floorstanding speakers can be difficult. They are large, heavy, and consume a lot of space, yet people still love them.

 Why? Because of their amazing sound quality. 

Owing to their large size and amplified drivers, floorstanding speakers deliver rich, powerful sound compared to other wireless audio technology.

Therefore, when purchasing floorstanding speakers, it’s good to have an idea of the kind of sound you are looking for.

  • Are you interested in hearing music exactly as the artist intended?
  • Are you looking for speakers for their neutrality and clarity?
  • Are you looking for bass?

Whatever your audio requirement, floorstanding speakers can tackle it all, and it’s easy to get a pair that satisfies your needs.

2. Speaker Size

Floorstanding speakers aren’t meant to be light or portable. This means the manufacturers don’t necessarily have to restrict the size and weight of the speakers – which gives them plenty of room to play with.

If you have a small or medium-sized room, small speakers are good for enjoying some serious volume. And if you have a larger room, the sky’s the limit.

The bottom line is: When buying floorstanding speakers, consider the size of the room.

3. Two-Way vs. Three-Way Speakers

All sounds are composed of different frequencies. These frequencies split up into the low end (bass), the mids (where you’ll find the elements of vocals), and highs (think snares and violins). 

While a single speaker driver can output all these sounds without many problems, when you have two to more drivers to share the load, the sound quality improves dramatically. This means that one sound driver can focus on the lows and mids, and the highs will have dedicated drivers of their own.

Understanding the point where the frequencies are split is the essence of a good pair of floorstanding speakers. These splits are known as crossovers, and speakers with a single crossover point are known as two-way speakers. The highs to the tweeter and the mids and low-end get sent to the woofer.

Floorstanding speakers with two crossover points are known as three-way speakers. 

With that said, two-way speakers are more affordable, but if you want to boost the sound further, you would need a subwoofer. With three-way speakers, they have dedicated drivers for handling the bass, mids, and highs but are inclined towards the expensive side.

4. Cabinets And Vibrations

Floorstand speakers can really get loud, and this sound happens only when the air moves. This implies that the cabinet – the outer housing of the speaker is imperative. If the outside cabinet is poorly made or flimsy, it will rattle high volumes – which is a big no-no. 

Another important thing when buying floorstand speakers is their feet. You don’t want the speaker sitting completely on the floor, as it might impact the sound.

5. Volume And Sensitivity

Obviously, large speakers are louder, but if you want to know whether a particular speaker can get louder, consider the sensitivity of the speaker. 

Sensitivity measures how many decibels a speaker can put out at a given power (usually 1 milliwatt).

The higher the number, the louder the speaker will be.

Any floorstanding speaker over 90dB has some serious volume, but it also comes with an added cost.

6. Bi-Amping And Bi-Wiring

When buying floor-standing speakers, look for two pairs of binding posts on the back instead of the usual ones. 

Two pairs of binding posts mean the speaker is capable of bi-amping and bi-wiring, and the sound quality is staggering.

Which Floorstanding Speaker Are You Buying?

Floor-standing speakers Dubai are big and powerful – which means they come with a cost. But if budget is not the concern, you will have different types of floorstand speakers at MKB Bespoke Audio. We house some of the best Wireless audio technology and Hi-fi audio systems in Dubai. Visit our showroom and witness how our range of floor-standing speakers will help[ enhance your overall home audio setup.

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