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How To Select Perfect Speaker According To Your Need

How To Select Perfect Speaker According To Your Need

How To Select Perfect Speaker According To Your Need

The significant role of speakers is to get the most out of your sound system’s audio output. You can have the best entertainment devices and AV receivers in the world. But, without the correct speakers, your sound or home theatre system won’t be worth anything in terms of sound quality. Before you start exploring websites to buy speakers online, consider a few things first. You must understand in depth their features to choose the best one for your needs.

This article will help you choose the best. Here we divide two segments, types of speakers and specifications. Let’s begin our journey!

Types Of Speakers

Tower / Floor Standing Speakers

These speakers are between three and four feet above the ground and are typically called tower speakers. Even though the size of a speaker has minimal to no effect on sound quality. Floor-standing speakers can produce greater bass since it is simpler to deliver low frequencies using bigger cones. Being capable of producing loud sound it can be fit for landscape speakers or attached to a spacious room.

Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers are an excellent substitute for tower speakers, particularly in small rooms. They’re much smaller and usually have a tweeter and a woofer or a semi-driver. A stand allows audio to travel more freely, whereas a shelf catches the majority of the sound made by the speaker. While their small size limits their bass response, combining them with a subwoofer enables you to hear the entire spectrum of sound frequencies.

Centre-Channel Speakers

Centre-channel speaker is an essential component of almost any surround sound system. They are located between the left and right front speakers. In a home theatre, they often sit underneath the screen. Given their location in the middle, it’s only natural that they specialize in mid-range frequencies.


The subwoofer speaker has an integrated amplifier and a crossover system that allows you to alter the topmost response of the sub to better fit in along with your main speakers. The positioning has a significant impact on subwoofer speaker performance.

Outdoor Garden Speakers

Outdoor garden speakers are built to stay outdoors, allowing you to listen to your favorite music while chilling in the garden, or accomplishing yard tasks. Some look similar to satellite or bookshelf speakers and are usually put on the side of your house. It can be concealed, disguised as rocks or yard ornaments.

Smart speakers

Smart speakers are a straightforward method to bring high-quality audio to any area of the house. It is as simple as connecting them to an adapter and linking devices to your wifi network to get started. Once linked, you can control them using a phone app or by using voice recognition to listen to music from many greatest streaming providers.

Selecting The Right One

Some parameters are there before selecting the right one to  buy a speaker online:


When buying speakers online, Check the cost for the speaker, amplifier, wiring, and perhaps installation. The price range of speakers alone is enormous. Many bookshelf speakers are merely a few hundred bucks. Others can cost so much but are worth every dime and more.

Frequency Response

The eardrum can hear sounds ranging from 20 to 20,000 hertz. 

The tone becomes lower as the number decreases, and conversely. Most speakers can react to frequencies ranging from 45 to 20,000 hertz. Make sure to check the frequency before buying online.


At a specific power, extremely sensitive speakers produce more output. This gives you an estimate of how powerful an amplification you’ll need to power the speakers. This metric is given in terms of decibels (dB) per 2.83 V input. If you’re not using a giant amplifier, you’ll want speakers with just effectiveness with at minimum 86 dB, preferably 88 dB or better.

Power Handling

Power handling indicates how often power the speakers can withstand without being damaged. If a speaker is labeled “100 Watts maximum,” you shouldn’t be too concerned if you choose or possess a 200-Watt-per-channel amplifier. You’re unlikely to put quite so much wattage further into speakers.


The impedance of a speaker is the resistance that an amplifier will meet when attempting to drive a certain speaker. 

The majority of speakers are calibrated at 8 ohms. 

The resistance of a speaker, on the other hand, fluctuates with frequency. Most correctly assembled loudspeakers can be driven adequately by modern solid-state amplifiers. Even though most amplifiers can readily handle a 6-ohm load, exploring speakers with a “nominal” 8-ohm resistance for considerations is too complicated.


Now you know what qualities to look for in your speaker. MKB Bespoke Audio is dedicated to offering you top-quality speakers within your budget. With a wide range of products, it is easy to find a high-quality product from a trustworthy company.