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KEF LS50 II Wireless Speakers: Are They Worth it?

KEF LS50 II Wireless Speakers Are They Worth it

KEF LS50 II Wireless Speakers: Are They Worth it?

The killer KEF LSX was already one of our favorite wireless speaker systems. They were the perfect Hi-Fi speaker package. 

Well, it’s been a few years since the KEF LEX created a buzz in the speaker market. Now, KEF has launched a second-generation version: the KEF LS50 Wireless II Speaker.

The new LSX II looks very much like the original LSX. Other than a few slightly changed colored finishes, the two speakers are virtually identical. But KEF has given the “Gen 2” speakers quite a few upgrades under the hood.

The new speaker model sounds better, is more versatile, and is even easier to use. Let’s explore the AMAZING parts of the KEF LX II speaker in deets!

What’s Good With The New KEF Wireless Speakers?

The Speaker Makes Listening To Great Music A Lot Easier

The KEF LSX II speaker is a wireless audio system consisting of two Hi-Fi bookshelf-sized speakers. Each speaker is individually powered and amplified. They even can talk to each other wirelessly. 

So, you longer need to use a wire to connect the left and right channels. Just place the KEF speakers as close or as far apart and they will work just fine. 

Also, listening to music on the LSX II wireless speaker is super easy. The speaker supports multiple wireless (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) and wired connections. 

An Excellent Soundbar Alternative

Wireless speaker systems are increasingly adopting the HDMI-ARC connection. And our KEF LSX II is no exception. 

Unlike its predecessor, the new LSX speaker has a brand-new HDMI-ARC port. It allows you to connect the speaker directly to your TV. They work just like a modern plug-and-play soundbar 

When connected to the TV via HDMI-ARC, the LSX II speaker supports superb CD-quality audio (up to 16 bit/48kHz). There are zero lag issues with dialogue. The dedicated right and left channel speakers help the LSX II produce a wider soundstage than any high-end soundbar.

A Better Desktop Audio Solution

The original LSX speakers had an AUX port. But KEF has given the LSX speaker a USB-C port on its rear. 

The USB-C connection allows for a better and more straightforward path to the LSX’s onboard digital-to-analog converter. This is far better than a computer’s onboard DAC. As a result, you get a little bit cleaner sound.

The other benefit is that you can use the USB-C port as a charging port too. All you have to do is to go to the KEF Connect app and switch it to the power delivery mode. You will find this option as “KW-1 Power Mode” in the KEF app. 

Superior Wireless Streaming

KEF has given the LSX II speaker access to its new “W2” wireless streaming platform. This makes it really easy to play the music you want via analog or streaming.

You can also customize the sound of the LSX II speaker for you and your room. This is all done through the KEF Connect app that you need to install on your smartphone. It makes the speakers extremely easy to use and operate.

Get Your Hands On The Second Zen KEF Wireless Speaker

The compact, wireless KEF LSX II is the new reference among stereo speakers. Nowhere else do you get such terrific sound performance in such a small package. 

Buy this wireless, compact, and easy-to-use speaker from MKB Bespoke Audio – the exclusive brand partner of KEF. Visit our store to purchase this masterpiece or buy online from us conveniently. We facilitate fast delivery, contactless payments, and easy returns on all our orders. 

Check out the LSX II speaker here –!