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KEF LSX II Speaker: The New Stylish Wireless Hi-Fi System

KEF LSX II Speaker

KEF LSX II Speaker: The New Stylish Wireless Hi-Fi System

KEF LSX II Speaker is a fantastic streaming system perfect for small rooms. It’s a desktop speaker system, and its appeal is enhanced by the sleek and appealing stand. Excellent in imaging and dynamics, it has a well-rounded sonic performance and has HDMI and USB inputs.

Great Design

KEF LSX II is a sequel to KEF LSX which was launched in 2018, it made an immediate impact and was given a 5-star rating. The speakers look similar to the original KEF LSX, but there is a change in the internal electronics of the speakers, the 11th-grade generation of Uni-Q driver is used, which was the same in the KEF LSX, The Metamaterial Absorption Technology, (MAT) is not included to cut on the cost of production. Amplification is up to 200 watts, with 30W to the tweeter and 70W to the woofer on each channel. LSX II have great shelf appeal like the KEF LSX, they are available in carbon black, mineral white, lava red, and cobalt blue

Unique Features

KEF LSX ll’s DSP software is redesigned, it is not the same as KEF LSX The LSX II’s DSP software has been completely redesigned, and the speaker system now uses KEF’s W2 wireless streaming platform, it has all the connectivity options, to the commonly used platforms, such as Apple Airplay 2, Amazon Music, Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify, tidal streaming, Wi-fi and Bluetooth. you can stream any music stored on an external NAS drive. It is also Roon Ready. You can add the subwoofer, KEF’s compact KC62 if you want to enhance the effects.

In KEF LSX ll, two extra physical inputs have been added to the speakers. These are the HDMI ARC to connect to a TV and a USB-C to connect to a laptop. It syncs perfectly well without any connectivity issues.

There is an Ethernet port, to connect the speakers directly to your router and a second port to connect the Ethernet cable between the speakers. There is no touch panel on the speaker or a remote. You can use your iOS/Android device and get the KEF control app; your speaker gets connected through the W2 platform. The app is easy to navigate, you get all the playback controls, internet radio, and streaming services at your fingertips.

Sonic Performance of KEFLSX II Speaker

The sound of KEF LSX ll speakers gives you a sense of maturity and refinement, the bass is controlled, and it maintains a good sense of rhythm, the presentation is warm and inviting. The speakers are very flexible, they can play any genre of music streamed its way.

KEF LSX II is built on a winning formula of KEF LSX and has improved and upgraded functionality and usability. 

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