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Loewe Speaker and Soundbar with Incredible Dolby Atmos


Loewe Speaker and Soundbar with Incredible Dolby Atmos

Loewe brings you the amazing Dolby Atmos experience while listening to your favorite music. Made in Germany, it’s a powerful speaker with great sound effects. It is now available in the UAE.

Loewe Klang Bar 5mr Soundbar, Premium Soundbar available in Dubai, offers a high-fidelity sound that gives you an amazing cinematic experience in your home. It has a minimalist design, high-quality materials, and a contained size. You can place it anywhere, choose a place where it sounds the best and looks elegant and classy.  

Loewe Speaker and Soundbar fill the entire room with Dolby Atmos, you feel the music all around you, with breathtaking realism. 

Famous singers all over the world are embracing the latest technology of surround-sound Dolby Atmos, which allows the sound to be interpreted as three-dimensional objects, many singers have been recording in Dolby Atmos as it expands the creative choices for artists, and there is an incredible clarity in which the instrumentals and vocals can be heard in isolation. Multi-dimensional space makes listeners feel like they’ve stepped inside the music and song.   

Loewe Klang Bars, Klang Sub5 Speaker

These are super compatible speakers with impressive sound, it gives you a great movie experience, it’s a real surround sound with a premium design and built and multi-room functionality that gives you a 3D sound feeling.

Loewe Klang Bars, Klang Sub5 Speaker, comes in an attractive set along with the premium subwoofer Loewe Klang Sub5. This terrific pair brings an audio quality with crystal-clear, dynamic Dolby Atmos sound. It has extensive wireless capabilities of the sound system – you can seamlessly stream all your services as well as Chromecast and Apple AirPlay

Dolby Atmos Soundbar

With a total music output of 440 watts crystal-clear, powerful 3D Dolby Atmos sound is guaranteed from the Klang Bar MR5.

Multi-Room Functionality

With the DTS Play-Fi platform in Klang Bar MR5 and sub5, you will be able to connect up to 32 speakers in the network and connect up to 16 speakers in one zone.

Award Winning Design

Straight lines, beautiful shapes, elegant colours, and noble material – all of these make the design of the Klang Bar MR5 and sub5 appealing.

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