Every business has a variety of customs that must be followed. The benefit of an office automation system is that it can easily manage this company custom. Multitasking is greatly simplified and made simple.It will manage the tasks or processes with a push of a button such as boardroom meeting set up, which will close the blind and turn the TV on along with choosing the Designated HDMI source for the conference. Your office’s automation is advantageous for a variety of reasons. For the best amount of natural light and a pleasant psychological effect on workers, the blinds may move in accordance with the position of the sun. One button may be used to open the workplace in the morning and close it in the evening. This would cut down on time spent and boost productivity. It has the potential to reduce energy usage by centrally controlling the HVAC and programming it to shut off when not in use or shut down or slow down automatically when reaching to a designed or chosen temperature.(e.g. outside opening hours).there are endless possibilities when it comes to office automation or corporation automation because there is more hassle when it comes to managing larger spaces manually without automation.