We at MKB Bespoke Audio love all kinds of earphones – from in-ear buds to giant studio cans, on-ears to over-ears, and everything in between. But we are particularly in awe of our top-class wireless earphones.

The number one reason you must pick up our earphones is that they’re truly wireless. Not that we have anything in particular against cables per se. But the freedom of going wireless is unparalleled.

You won’t have to bother about tangled headphone cords, taking your device with you as you walk around the house, or accidentally breaking your headphone cable out.

Bluetooth 5.0 has made an entry with our wireless earphones. They promise you to double the coverage distance and four times the throughput. Thus, the reliability and stability of our earphones have become as good as they have ever been.

Want a more tempting reason to buy our Bluetooth earphones online? We didn’t compromise a bit on the sound quality of our earphones while going wireless. In fact, the quality has very much improved.

Our wireless Bluetooth earphones promise you nothing but CD quality audio. Combined with noise isolation and echo reduction, MKB’s wireless Bluetooth earphones bring you a superior sound quality experience.

We know charging yet another battery is a pain. Fortunately, though, the battery life of our Bluetooth earphones can easily approach – if not exceed the 20-hour mark.

You can enjoy 10 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge. That’s enough playback for an entire day at the office, several trips to the gym, or countless laps around a block.

Our kef wireless earphones are also non-exclusive, unlike wired earphones. Try to use cabled earphones on any of the new smartphones with no 3.5 mm port and you will be out of luck. But not with our Bluetooth earphones. They work on basically everything.

The best part? Buying Bluetooth earphones doesn’t mean you have to throw away your old cable earphones.

Feel like higher audio quality for a bit? Plug your regular earphones in. Want to go play basketball, but don’t want wires to get in the way of you3-point jumper? Switch to Bluetooth.

Enjoy Music Without Inconvenience With Wireless Earphones

Upgrade yourself from that non-tech, old-school person and invest in wireless Bluetooth earphones from MKB. All our earphones and speakers come in modern designs, hard-wearing durability, and affordable prices.

Buy kef wireless earphones online from us and enjoy good quality sound on the go!