We live in a world where streaming music is the most convenient way to enjoy audio. But we don’t want to be restricted to listening to our audio on one device only.

Enter TruAudio VSSL – a convenient audio streaming amplifier that lets you connect your favourite audio to the home audio system. Stream music from any app you love using any device, to any room. The VSSL system works with all music apps that utilize Airplay or Chromecast built-in. 

Features Of TruAudio Zone Amplifier

Connect And Control Easily

You don’t need any third-party apps to stream music. You can connect and control the VSSL directly from the music app. 

The Power Of Voice Control

Use the simple voice commands from Alexa to easily play music in any room. The A.1x and A.3x are currently the only VSSL units that are compatible with Alexa. A.6x Alexa compatibility is rolling out soon. VSSL is also working towards building compatibility with Siri and Google Assistant. 

Incredible Sound Performance

The VSSL amplifier comes with enough power to run all your speakers. It has the capacity to power in-ceiling speakers or high-end bookshelf speakers to elevate your audio listening experience.

Zone Amplifier X-Series

Choose between 1 Zone, 3 Zones, or 6 Zones with TruAudio’s A.1x, A.3x, and Ai.6x.


Simple in design and use – the VSSL A.1x gives you the freedom to connect one zone or room to your home audio system. It gives you the ability to use music streaming apps to play audio to that room. 

Use the TruAudio VSSL A.1x to power audio in a single room. Or add multiple A.1x amplifiers to create a complete home audio experience throughout your home or business. If you want, you can also add the A.1x to another audio system, like the A.3x, or A.6 x, and get an extra zone of audio.


Get audio streaming for up to 3 zones or rooms with the TruAudio VSSL A.3x. The amplifier gives you the freedom to use any app on your device to play audio within those 3 zones.

You can have 3 different people and devices playing 3 different audios in 3 different rooms simultaneously. The A.3x can also be used to add more zones or rooms of audio to an existing VSSL sound system.


3 audio zones still sounding less? No worries! Expand your audio streaming up to 6 zones or rooms with the VSSL A.6x. It combines the power of six amplifiers into a single, compact 2U rack space size.

The A.6x can stream any app – iTunes, Pandora radio, Spotify, YouTube, and many more. Setting up the A.6x is a snap and using it is even easier. 

Make your music listening experience easier with TruAudio’s VSSL X Series. Get your hands on the VSSL from MKB Bespoke Audio – the exclusive brand partner of TruAudio.