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True Wireless Earphones: Is It Worth The Buy?

True Wireless Earphones

True Wireless Earphones: Is It Worth The Buy?

You are dying to get your hands or ears on a pair of true wireless earphones. But you are still kinda sitting on the fence over it. Maybe it’s because of the tons of options available out there. Or maybe you are not entirely sure if it will fit with your lifestyle.

But hear this “wireless headphones are totally worth the buy”. Here we have listed some convincing reasons why you must absolutely own a pair of these convenience earphones. 

Why Do We Need Wireless Earphones?

Less Likely To Fall Out

True wireless earphones, as the name suggests, have zero wires at all. So, there is no fear of accidentally tugging them out as is with the case of wired headphones. 

Wires also add a lot of weight to the earbuds. This is another reason why they tend to keep falling out. And another reason true wireless earphones are more likely to stay put.

The KEF wireless earphones are even more prone to stay put than the standard true wireless earphones. That’s because of KEF’s custom self-molding feature. It automatically adapts to your unique earprint for a much more secure fit. It won’t even fall out during intense workouts.

Excellent Battery Life

You certainly know the pain of charging traditional Bluetooth earphones. It has a wire connecting one earbud to the other. You have to plug it into a cable and charge it every 5-8 hours. 

But true wireless earphones come with a convenient charging case. So, it is always ready to rock!

The charging cases hold an additional charge so you don’t have to be glued to the wall as often. The earphones begin charging automatically when you put them away.

The KEF wireless earphones in particular give 20+ hours of uninterrupted listening before they need a top-off. 

Protective Storage Case

The case we were talking about in the above point is not just for keeping your earphones charged up. True wireless earphones are an investment. And you want to keep it safe. 

The traditional wired Bluetooth earphones didn’t always come with a protective case. But true wireless earphones almost always do. 

The latest wireless earphones come in with a slick USB-C protective storage and charging case. It protects your earphones from accidental turbulence while keeping them charged and all ready to rock. 

Tap Controls

It was a game-changer when the first wired earphones came with single, double, and even triple-tap controls. It lets you answer calls, pause/play/skip songs, and even go back a track. But the newest true wireless earphones are taking this techno phase a step further.

The latest wireless earphones are compatible with a wide array of devices. You can control them with a single or double tap on the surface of the earphones. It allows you to activate Google Assistant, play, pause, answer phone calls, or adjust the volume without reaching for your phone.

Ideal For Fitness

True wireless earphones have a few work-centric benefits too. For one, you don’t have to be glued to your phone literally. Even when you are doing your cardio runs, you won’t have the headphone wires whipping at your face and neck anymore.

Try Wireless Earphones Today!

Experience unparalleled comfort and unmatched sound quality with KEF wireless earphones. With noise canceling technology and Bluetooth 5.1 connection, these earphones are quite the catch. 

Buy KEF premium wireless earphones from MKB – the exclusive supplier of KEF. We facilitate fast deliveries, easy returns, and contactless payments on all our orders. Shop now!