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Amazing Reasons On Why You Must Absolutely Invest In Outdoor Speakers

outdoor speakers

Amazing Reasons On Why You Must Absolutely Invest In Outdoor Speakers

Summer is here in Dubai. Many of us are making plans for jetting off for the first time since the pandemic hit. 

For those that aren’t, summer is the perfect chance to invest and upgrade your home. What about treating yourself to superb outdoor garden speakers?

Outdoor speakers are the perfect addition to any garden. Their benefits go well beyond even the most robust Bluetooth audio speakers.

Boasting ultra-clear audio quality that doesn’t disturb the neighbors, outdoor speakers are ideal for setting the perfect outdoor vibe. Whether you are hosting a summer-themed party or just singing along to your favorite party anthems, these speakers are worth the investment. 

Still not convinced? Keep reading to learn some compelling reasons why you must invest in an outdoor speaker this summer.

Benefits Of Outdoor Speakers

Enjoy Seamless Sound

You can easily integrate the outdoor speaker system with your indoor speakers. This allows you to have a constant, seamless sound throughout your property.

You can play your favorite Spotify/Apple Music playlist with the touch of a few buttons. You can even operate it via Google Assistant. 

The outdoor speakers offer unbeatable sound quality. Their audio is far better than the portable Bluetooth speakers. It comes with directed audio and subtle bass enhancements. So, there is absolutely no risk of upsetting your neighbors with loud music.

Just imagine strolling through your home on a hot summer day. A cold drink in your hand – and your favorite music tunes are following you from room to room. You can walk out in the garden and the sound seamlessly follows you there too.

That’s the benefit outdoor speakers bring for you. It allows you to set the mood anywhere in your home. 

Fits Into Any Space

The outdoor speaker system can be discreet. You can even hide it within flower borders and plants. This allows you to upkeep the landscaping charm of your garden without distorting it. There would be no unsightly speakers or wiring taking away its style. 

Professional installers from MKB Bespoke Audio can work with you to find the perfect position for your outdoor speakers. You can enjoy the most immersive sound without compromising the beauty of your garden.

You can also direct and control the sound if you want. In that way, you can have the ultimate listening experience without the fear of disturbing neighbors. 

Not only that, the outdoor speakers are built and designed to withstand external elements. These weather and water-resistant outdoor speakers can keep working at their optimal performance through wind, rain, and heat. Thus, it is quite a long-lasting investment that also adds great value to your home.

Multipurpose Use For All Entertainment Needs

Outdoor speakers can meet all of your entertainment needs. Have a small outdoor get-together in the evening? With a multi-room music feature, you can designate separate party zones and play different music in each one. Your guests can spread out and mingle on the patio or in the living room. 

Ready to watch the latest Netflix movie? Change up the movie night tradition by shifting the fun out to the patio. Enjoy the movie with a weatherproof TV and in-wall surround sound.

Want to take maximum advantage of the warm weather? Heat up the grill outside and jam out to your favourite playlist while enjoying dinner. 

All convinced to invest in quality outdoor speakers? But don’t go ahead and buy the first one you see on the Internet. You need to carefully consider a few factors in the speaker. Follow them and choose the best outdoor speakers to spice up your entertainment perfectly. 

Tips To Choose The Best Outdoor Speakers

Determine The Space

Before you pick the outdoor speakers, decide where you will place the speakers. In case you are placing the speakers in a huge outdoor space, you must consider buying single-point speakers. These speakers have a more versatile sound placement and audio quality.

The single-point speakers also have both left and right inputs. They can play omnichannel music in a given area. You can place the single-point speakers in different areas of your garden to achieve an even distribution of sound.

If you are looking to place the outdoor speakers in a small space, then go for ceiling speakers or floor-standing speakers. 

Check The Speaker’s Material Construction

It is crucial to check if the outdoor speakers have a bullet-proof construction. This is because an outdoor speaker system is subjected to all kinds of external conditions. Wind, rain, heat, dust, and frost – it is impacted by all.

Be sure to pick a weather-resistant outdoor speaker. Make sure to place them under sheltered areas to ensure the speakers last longer. Or else accumulated moisture can seep inside the speakers and damage its auto drivers. This will lead to a deterioration in the speaker’s sound quality.

Wiring Of Speakers

Another factor that must influence your choice is the wiring of the speakers. You need to decide if you want corded or cordless speakers. 

Wireless outdoor speakers allow you to install the system hassle-free. Whereas corded speakers give you the advantage of better sound quality. It is free from the interference that you may find in wireless connectivity.

Type Of Connection

You will also have to factor in the type of connection of the outdoor speakers. Connectivity type is crucial since it will determine the kind of input you can connect the speakers to.

If the speakers have an auxiliary connection, you can connect them to diverse applications such as CD or MP3 players. On the other hand, speakers with home theatre connectivity can only be connected to a home theatre.

Blanket Your Outdoor Spaces With Exceptional Sound

Treat yourself to excellent outdoor sound by installing a premium outdoor speaker system from MKB Bespoke Audio. Our speakers provide the perfect bass to enjoy music in an open space. We have discreet and small outdoor speakers with camouflaged designs to uphold your garden aesthetics too.

Make your outdoor recreational activities more fun with outdoor speakers!