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We have been developing cutting-edge lighting control and automation systems that compete with the best in the world for yet more than 20 years. In 2009, Raylogic Control Systems Private Limited was established, with the goal of specializing in the domestic and commercial designs and production of superior control and automation machinery. Raylogic, a subsidiary of Raytech Designs, offers products with the same build quality and dependability as Raytech, but with a focus on the automation of homes, workplaces, boardrooms, training centers, lounges, spas, and similar spaces. In order to meet the most demanding automation needs, a dedicated software and hardware team has spent years and tens of thousands of man-hours building simple yet powerful control systems. Raylogic offers simple, adaptable solutions for all your automation needs, backed by a strong sales team, support, design aid, and unmatched after-sales service. Our first effort into the significant market is the GO by Raylogic line. Raylogic now provides a wireless, modular automation range called GO by Raylogic that features various breakthroughs, including KNX compatibility, and builds on a legacy of more than 20 years of knowledge, expertise, and experience in design and manufacture.

Digital Dreams

Our main offerings are Digital Dreams® – Residential /Commercial/Hospitality/F&B Lighting and other Automation via(#internet – of – things), Video Condo, and Intercom system with 4 zone security, all of which are created and designed domestically. We have been at the forefront of technological and market advancements in the home/lighting automation industry, making us one of the finest manufacturers, thanks to our focus on open systems, industry standards, and product innovation. We strive to provide the best quality of service possible because we cherish our customers. We treat everyone like royalty while developing intriguing products. We started our company in 1989. We create technological goods and solutions. We provide timely and attentive services. Products used in the residential segment by over 200,000 users We hold an ISO 9001:2000 certification. Due open standards almost all devices can be integrated with DigitalDreams. Here’s the list All Lighting Loads eg. Bulb, LED Light, Chandelier, Tube Light, CFL Lamps, Geysers, Boilers, Appliances etc Any nature of Curtain / Door Mechanism eg. Vertical Blind, Horizontal Curtain, Door, Window etc All Audio & Video Devices eg. TV, STB, DVD Player, Blue Ray Player, Media Streaming Device, Amplifier, CD Player etc Air conditioner eg. Window AC, Split AC, VRV AC, VRF AC, Cassette AC etc Also, DigitalDreams supports many protocols – TCP/IP, RS422, RS485, RS232 for further support of devices.