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At MKB Bespoke Audio we bring you the most exclusive audio brands in the Dubai, UAE. Browse through our extensive category and take home your favourite audio equipment.

Our Story

MKB is the ultimate Audio Visual Equipment Store in UAE, offering a wide range of high-quality equipment for all your audio and visual needs. From speakers to amplifiers, projectors to screens, we have it all. Trust us for all your audio and visual needs.

MKB is a professional audio equipment distributor in the UAE. It’s our passion and dedication for music, sounds and records that drove us to this unique venture. We started our journey as a small business and over the years as the popularity of our brand splurged, we have taken the initiative to become the best source of audio systems in the Middle East.

We carry a wide selection of audio speakers from all the renowned brands in Dubai like KEF, TRUAUDIO, LOEWE, DENON, BEC AKUSTIK, SHERWOOD, EPISODE, WATERFALL AUDIO and many more. Along with audio speakers, we also provide custom installation, outdoor music system, hifi products to name a few. Name any audio technology, you will find it all here.

We share a love of music and a desire for excellence. We want to raise the bar for what can be expected from a high-end audio visual equipment store. Nothing less will suffice for our customers, and nothing less will suffice for us.

Our Values

  • Quality Products -
    MKB values quality products and is committed to delivering goods or services that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Collaboration
    MKB values collaboration and fosters partnerships and cooperation with customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.
  • Trustworthy
    MKB ensures to be a trustworthy brand that is reliable, transparent, and consistently acts in the best interest of its
  • Authenticity
    MKB establishes trust by being authentic to itself and its clients by speaking with an open and sincere voice, staying consistent in its words and deeds.
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With over 10 years of experience and a massive customer base, we've got the know-how to make your dreams a reality. Join our happy customers and discover the MKB difference. Now, let's talk partnerships. We've teamed up with the biggest brands in the region to ensure seamless interoperability. We're talking Audio/ Video, consumer electronics, energy, lighting, and home security sectors. By joining forces with these industry giants, we're creating a world where devices work together harmoniously. Join forces with MKB and discover a world of limitless possibilities. Contact us today to revolutionize your home or business with our partnerships and commitment to seamless integration. Embrace the future with MKB, your trusted home entertainment specialist.

MKB Experience Center

Step into MKB's Experience Center on JLT, Dubai, and enter a world of technological marvels. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge audiovisual experiences, explore the latest smart home automation solutions, and witness the future of entertainment firsthand. Visit us today and let us ignite your senses with the ultimate home entertainment journey. You walk through your front door, and with a simple command, the lights come on, the shades lower, and your favorite tunes start playing. It's relaxation mode at its finest. And when it's time to hit the hay, just wave your hand, and the lights dim, the doors lock, and the security system kicks in. Sweet dreams, my friend.