A Beginner's Guide To Audio Amplifiers


Audio is the most common form of media. And talking about audio, amplifiers are the heart of any great sound system. These crucial devices take a weak audio signal and amplify its strength - allowing speakers to produce sound. 

Whether you’re just setting up your audio system or trying to upgrade your existing system, this guide will help you pilot the world of audio amplifiers and elevate your listening experience.  

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What Is An Audio Amplifier?

An audio amplifier is a common electronic device that increases (amplifies) the audio signals that pass through it, making it louder and more powerful. Amplifiers convert an electrical signal into physical output, which helps produce louder, more detailed, and more accurate sound than what would otherwise be possible with the base signal alone. It is also known as stereo amplification

These crucial devices take in low-level audio signals from a source such as a CD player or turntable and boost it to a level, allowing it to produce sound at a higher volume. 

An amplifier technology bridges the audio source (like your phone, turntable, or computer) and your speakers and boosts it to a level allowing it to produce sound at a higher volume. Simply put, they are a powerful way to bring sounds to life.

Amplifiers come in different types and configurations - each of them with its unique strengths and weaknesses and knowing them is crucial to building a high-quality sound system. 

Types of Audio Amplifiers 

As said before, there are different types of audio amplifiers, and understanding them is the key to selecting the right one for your system.

  • Tube Amplifiers: These amplifiers are vintage kings and use glass tubes filled with vacuum to amplify audio signals. They are known to produce warm, rich sounds. However, they are bulkier and can require maintenance and distort high volumes.

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  • Solid State Amplifiers: These amplifiers are the modern workhorses of audio. Unlike tubes, these amplifiers use transistors, tiny solid-state circuits, to amplify your music signal. They are known for their durability, reliability, and efficient power usage.
  • Digital Amplifier: These amplifiers are the new wave of sound, operating entirely in the digital realm. Also known as Class D amplifiers, these are compact, efficient, and produce very clean sound. Also, compared to other types, these amplifiers produce less heat.
  • Hybrid Amplifier: These amplifiers combine the best of both worlds: tubes and transistors. The tubes are for the pre-amplification stage, which adds warmth and richness to the sound. Then, the signal gets passed to solid-state transistors for power amplification. With it, you get the warmth of tube amplifiers and the reliability of solid-state amplifiers. 

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Essential Components of Audio Amplifier

An audio amplifier is not just a single component but a complex assembly of various tools. Some of its components include:

Input allows external sources, such as CD players and microphones, to be connected to the amplifier and elevated to a higher level.

Output, which connects speakers or other devices to the amplifier to make sure the sound is dispersed throughout the space.

Preamp is the first stage in an amplifier. It takes its low-level audio signal and prepares it for amplification.

Power Amp takes in the prepared preamp signal and amplifies it to a level that can drive speakers.

Volume Control allows you to adjust the output of the amplified signals 

Tone Control balances the audio signal by adjusting the high, medium, and low-frequency levels. 

 Resistance (Ohms) is essential for matching amplifiers to the speakers. It denotes the compatibility of the speaker to the amplifier's output impedance to ensure a smooth power transfer and also protects your equipment.

How do Amplifiers Work?

The basic function of amplifier technology is to decipher a weak audio signal and increase its power so that it can drive speakers or headphones. The preamplifier, also known as the ‘preamp’ stage, is the first step in this process, and it gets the signal pumped for more amplification without impacting the quality. It is a good way to get the signal ready for the amplifier.

 The second stage is where the actual amplification happens. Depending on the type of amplifier you use, it either increases the current or the voltage of the signal - which travels to the speaker and drives the cones of the speaker, which then creates the sound. 

You can modify the volume, tone, frequency balance and other components to customize the sound as per personal preference. 


Your amplifier is an essential piece in your audio system. They can make a massive difference in your listening experience. From vintage amplifiers loved by audiophiles to modern, efficient amplifiers - the world of amplifiers is massive. Browse from a collection of amplifiers from the world’s most respected brands at MKB Bespoke Audio. Whether you want to buy Sherwood amplifier in Dubai or a robust audio receiver, the audio specialists at MKB Bespoke Audio will guide you to pick the right one as per your listening habits, system setup, and sonic desire.

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