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Choosing The Right Devialet Phantom Speakers

Choosing The Right Devialet Phantom Speakers

When it comes to buying Devialet phantom speakers, we know it can be overwhelming. These speakers may seem all the same on the outside, yet completely different on the inside. 

This write-up will give you complete details of each Devialet Phantom speaker model - their specifications, sound quality, and price. By the end of this blog, we hope you’ll have a clear picture of their individual features so that you can pick the right Devialet speaker as per your needs and budgets.

Devialet Phantom II Series

Phantom II 95dB (Powerful Bass & Compact)

As an entry point into the Phantom sound, the Devialet Phantom II 95dB is a compact speaker with an analog input and a digital optical input. This makes it compatible with audio sources like laptops, turntables, CD players, or any audio source with a 3.5mm stereo mini plug.

Its impressive frequency response and powerful 35-watt RMS power make it suitable for enjoying deep, punchy bass and live performances. This Devialet speaker is 6.5 inches tall and is designed with dual 4.7-inch aluminum woofers, which can produce low frequencies down to 18 Hz with a deviation of  +//2dB. The aluminum tweeter produces pretty good sound with an extension of up to 21kHz.

The name "95dB" refers to the maximum loudness you will experience from a single Phantom Devialet unit, which is equivalent to an acoustic band performing live in a cafe. The speaker spatial coverage, just from one of these compact systems, is enough for a small-to-medium room. But when these two speakers as a stereo pair, it can give you coverage up to 98 dB and also improves the separation of instruments. 

You can get a single unit of Phantom II 95dB in Matte Black at only AED 4,499.00 at MKB Bespoke Audio.

Phantom II 98dB (Same Compactness; More Power)

The Devialet Phantom 98dB offers the same inputs, outputs, frequency response, and finishes as the 95 dB. However, there is a little more headroom for the soundstage on this one.

Compared to 95dB II, this mode is twice as loud and can reach up to 101 dB when used as a stereo pair. Compared to the Phantom II 95dB, music with a lot of low-end energy will have slightly better rhythm and pace.. This will make the overall sound more ‘alive.’

 This model is ideal for medium-sized rooms where people want that extra spatial coverage to spread out the sound - giving you punchy bass and energy. You can also elevate your Devialet speaker for optimal audio experience by pairing it with the Devialet treepod.  It is priced at AED 5,599.00 for a single unit.

Devialet Phantom I Series

Phantom I 103dB (Wider Soundstage; Enhanced Power)

The Devialet Phantom I series offers a larger, more powerful model with deeper bass, top-end extension, and a wider omnidirectional soundstage with greater coverage from a single unit. 

This Devialet Phantom speaker comes with a dedicated rechargeable remote for volume and playback control. 

The Phantom I 103dB, weighs over 25 lbs, provides 100 watts of power  - which is almost double the power of the previous 98dB Phantom II models 400 watts. It gives you the larger dual 7.5-inch aluminum woofers for 2 dB down at 16 Hz on the bass. Its omnidirectional soundstage and coverage make it twice as powerful compared to the 98dB Phantom II. 

Phantom I 103dB can cover a medium-sized room with great sound and can go up to 106 dB when paired with a second unit. This model of  Phantom speaker is a great entry point into the wider omnidirectional soundstage and a clearer presentation of musical details. At MKB Bespoke Audio you can grab it at AED 8,499.00

Phantom I 108 dB (Most powerful; Highly trustworthy)

The Phantom I 108 dB is a high-performance model with significant performance enhancements compared to all Devialet Phantom speaker models. It boosts performance & materials across the board.

To start with -  it features a titanium high-performance tweeter, upgraded from aluminum. This gives a better breakup point, strength-to-density ratio, and lightweightness. With a +/- 2dB bass response, this Phantom model reproduces the full spectrum of hi-res music from 14Hz to 27KHz.

A single unit of Phantom I 108 dB delivers 1100 watts, which is 1.78x louder than the previous 103 dB model and almost 4.5x louder than the 95 dB Phantom speaker, which offers just 98 watts. This model is ideal for those seeking the best audio quality for their hi-res music and extra spatial coverage. It is priced at AED 12,499.00.

Get Your Favourite Devialet Phantom Speaker from MKB Bespoke Audio

It's hard not to be impressed by Phantom speakers  - thanks to their high-tech design, high-quality materials, and omnidirectional sound. These qualities make them great conversation pieces!

If you're looking for a speaker with whole-house coverage, Devialet speakers are the best wireless speakers to consider. These Devialet Bluetooth speakers are the coolest we have ever seen, and they offer a premium upgrade path into multiroom connectivity, which will grow with you as your needs change. 

At MKB Bespoke Audio, you will find the latest models of Devialet Phantom speakers at the most competitive rates. Whether you want Devialet earbuds, Devialet headphones, or Devialet speakers - MKB Bespoke Audio can be a trusted audio partner.

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