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KEF Launches Revolutionary Sound Absorption With Material Absorption Technology

KEF Launches Revolutionary Sound Absorption With Material Absorption Technology

For over six decades, KEF audio systems has been the most renowned name in the high fidelity domain. It has again proved its creativity with the launch of groundbreaking Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) technology - which is designed to absorb the rare wave of tweeters, giving you a superior sound performance with more detail, deeper insights, and greater excitement.

KEF introduced MAT with the LS50 Collection - where a maze-like disc sits behind the tweeter, and its work is to absorb the rear sound wave radiated by the tweeter dome. It used this technology in the KEF LS50 Wireless II speaker Dubai Meta speakers. Still, now it has expanded in the updated R Series, in tandem with a 12th generation Uni-Q driver and a flexible decoupling chassis to prevent unwanted vibrations and boost clarity.

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Grace Lo, KEF President & Head of Global Marketing, says ~

“The demand for high-fidelity sound at home is ever increasing, whether listening to music or watching films as part of a home cinema set up, and audiophiles expect the very best quality of sound. At KEF, we are committed to allowing listeners to experience content exactly as the producer intended it to be heard, the launch of the new R Series with MAT has enhanced the listening experience more than ever before”

In this write-up, we are going to delve into the details of Material Absorption Technology and understand how this iconic British brand is using innovation and craftsmanship to provide a superior listening experience to its users.

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Coupling MAT To The Tweeter Dome 

Along with the application of MAT, it is equally important to understand how the back wave is steered into the disc. This requires a complete redesign of the area behind the tweeter to create a wavelength with particular characteristics. The MAT waveguide's acoustic resistance must be matched to the opening size of the disc in order to prevent a reflection back onto the tweeter dome. KEF sound system has been designed with a tapered conical duct, which reduces its diameter as it approaches the opening of the disc. The inverted conical-shaped horn not only eliminates reflections but also meets the requirements for the package design, allowing the absorber to be more easily accommodated into it.

In addition, the sheer increase of volume when compressing the rear volume of the tweeter also reduces the nonlinear distortion. KEF has done in-depth mathematics on MAT and the tweeter coupling method. 

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Final Thoughts

KEF’s introduction of Revolutionary Sound Absorption with innovative Material Absorption Technology etched a significant milestone in the audio industry. This astonishing technology boosts sound clarity and precision, setting new milestones for acoustic excellence. As KEF continues to push the boundaries of audio innovation, its commitment to delivering exceptional sound experiences remains unwavering. Shop KEF outdoor speaker from MKB and upgrade your garden audio setup for more durable and powerful performance.

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