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Loewe’s Klang Soundbars Review: Compact, Classy And More Than Just An Excellent Name


When we think of Loewe audio products, we often think of their wider AV ecosystem. Loewe is known for its highly engineered, mostly hand-built product - designed to work together in a multi-product Loewe ecosystem. 

Known for blending style and audio performance, the trend continues with its latest Dolby Atoms soundbar. The AV brand, which completed its 100-year anniversary last year has debuted the Klang Soundbars - delivering an immersive audio experience in a single box. 

This new powerful TV companion with its compact configuration is designed for TV’s 43 inches and larger. This premium soundbar Dubai also aims to be one of the best soundbars for any system featuring 3.1 channels of high-quality audio and 5.1 surround sound with wired or wireless speakers. This latest Dolby Atoms soundbar continues the trend of blending style and audio performance seamlessly.

Fun Fact: In case you’re not aware, “Klang” is German for “sound” and is also a homage to electronic pioneers Kling Klang studio.

Features of Loewe Klang Bar 

The Klang bar has seven front-firing speakers and two built-in subwoofers and boasts an immersive 360 Watts of power. Its Wireless Digital Audio Link (WDAL 2.0) technology allows it to be paired with any Loewe Klang MR speaker or active speaker for a rich, immersive home cinema experience.

This support for active wired speakers is surprising, and Loewe confirms that this feature applies to these soundbars only.

The soundbar features its own integrated 5.1 AV receiver with classic cinch connectors - allowing you to connect it with other firm speakers as well as Loewe’s own speakers. 

Dolby Atmos support takes center stage here, although it appears to contain only front-firing speakers - meaning the height channels are created using clever audio tricks. The soundbars also support DTS audio formats, including DTS HD, DTS:X, and DTS Virtual:X varieties. 

Loewe Klang Soundbar : Design and Features 

Loewe Klang soundbars are unusually attractive in terms of soundbar standards. It measures 950 x 160 x 65mm and is basically just a long, low rectangle that fits perfectly beneath your TV screen.

It is covered front, left, and right with attractive, gray felt. It is elegantly integrated with a handsome row of touch sensitive buttons on its outer edges with a heavy-duty perforated black top edge. The top edge also features one of Loewe's famous clothing-style brand levels.

It comes with optional design accessories, including a wall-mount, two-spacer stands, and a pole-mounted floor stand that attaches the soundbar to the TV.

The soundbar is remarkably heavy, indicating that it is made of plenty quality materials and revealing the presence of no-less than seven forward-facing drivers and two built in subwoofers (4-inches) which are driven by perforations on the top side.

The Klang driver arrangement may significantly enhance the bass performance, but Dolby Atmos fans might be disappointed to witness that the grilled top-edge does not indicate up-firing speakers that deliver Dolby Atmos overhead effects.

These speakers are officially classified with 3.1 channels, though can be upgrade to 5.1 channels. You can easily either by connecting the soundbar wirelessly to Loewe’s multi-room speaker or by connecting active wired speakers from any brand. You can also beef up the bass by adding as many external subwoofers as you like.

Loewe Klang speakers deliver 360W of power and cover a range of 60-20,000Hz and there is multi-room support via Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast, DTS Play-Fi and Loewe’s own Wireless Digital Audio Link system.

Loewe Klang Soundbar: Connections & Control

Loewe Klang speakers are designed with three HDMI ports: Two inputs and one output. Furthermore, these HDMIs support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X lossless audio via the eARC system.

The device also features a USB port and a Toslink optical audio input. There are also ports for connecting a 5.1 system of wired active speakers. You can even spark an AVR/amp or active speaker system using a 12v trigger port.

It comes with an attractive remote control. You can also control its basic functioning using the row of buttons on the top edge of the soundbar. You can also access on screen manual instructions through My Loewe app (available both on android and iOS).

The sole limitation of this soundbar is the HDMI loopthrough, which is not compatible with 4K/120Hz HDR signals like those provided by the PlayStation 5 and XBox Series X, as well as some premium PC graphics.

Loewe Klang Soundbar: Sound Quality 

Klang performs better than its compact dimensions - as you would expect from such an expensive soundbar.

Firstly, the soundstage is very wide - which creates an impression of cinematic scale that not only belies the size of the soundbar but also makes you forget that it is underneath your TV. It's exactly what we want to hear, especially with Dolby Atmos.

The soundstage is free of any forced, incoherent, or brittle elements. Despite its length, it sounds powerful and well-rounded - maintaining a sense of full-bloodedness and balance, enough sensitivity to ensure not even the tiniest details go unheard.

Loewe’s efforts in quality and design are evident in how loud the soundbar gets without breaking down or suffering from distortion. Even when under extreme pressure, the trebles remain clean, while the bass from the two top-mounted subwoofers remains clear.

Also the bass is very tightly coupled to the bottom midrange produced by other drivers. By compact soundwaves standards, there is no doubt that these drivers have an impressive extensive dynamic range.

Even in the most dense sound mix backdrops, onscreen dialogue remains clean and clear while remaining locked to the center of the stage. The level of control and fine attention to detail justifies its price range, essentially when compared to similar compact and attractive soundbars. 

Although its bass is smooth, strong, dynamic, and consistent in a good movie soundtrack, it isn’t quite as deep and grunty as we would have liked during big moments. Having said that, at least their subwoofers aren’t distorted by high frequencies, and the soundstage doesn’t dominate the subwoofers in any way. 

Mix sound effects are clearly heard without having an undue impact. The bass remains consistent rather than popping in and out or suggesting any haphazard contribution.

In terms of music, the bar pretty much mirrors its movie performance. Despite its wide stereo splay, the audio remains coherent and balanced throughout.

Final Verdict

Loewe's expertise in getting great sound from tight spaces has been reflected in its first compact soundbar. In spite of its small footprint, the soundbar delivers large soundstage and cinematic volume levels without any apparent strain on the sound.

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