Sale priceAED 9,069.50

CURRENT AUDIO 8-Channel, 50W Per Channel, 4 Zone Power Amplifier

  • Dual Power Mode 3 Prong Plug
  • Master Power Switch
  • Multi-Stage Protection
  • AUX, Global and/or Individual Inputs 
Color: Black


Product specification

D-Force describes the latest digital technology in amplifiers by Current Audio. The D-Force amplifiers generate the equivalent analog output for speakers by using a modulated audio signal rather than the traditional digital to analog conversion. The amp is a Class D configuration (D does not stand for ‘digital’ but merely refers to the next letter after Class C). It does exhibit a digital-like output because the outputs are generated by turning the signal completely ON and OFF

Standby Power

< 1 watt

Power Consumption

800 watts

Input Sensitivity/Impedance

500mv /20,000 ohms

Signal to Noise Ratio

95 db

Frequency Response

20 Hz to 20 kHz