Truaudio Hs-sub-12br

Sale priceAED 4,654.00

Terrific Bass Hardscape Subwoofer

  •         Effortlessly Musical
  •         Flexible and Minimal Design
  •         Weather Resistant
  •         Great Bass with Reduced Distortion
  •         Highly Portable

Manufactured country : USA 

Color: Black

Truaudio Hs-sub-12br

Product specification

Luxury Outdoor Sound is what TruAudio does best, and we continue to expand this series with our Hardscape™ PRO Subwoofer.  The perfect option to add the deeper, rich, low-end bass to your outdoor entertainment area when an underground subwoofer is not an option.  Regardless of terrain, our new 12" Hardscape™ PRO sub was designed to withstand exterior elements.  Its compact and versatile form allows you to place it in cabinets, patio areas, or hidden in your yard's landscape. 


12" polypropylene


350 watts


200 watts


4 Ω or 70V


12" polypropylene