Waterfall Serio On-Wall Bookshelf Speaker

Sale priceAED 1,069.00

Classy And Robust On-Wall Bookshelf Speaker

  • Crisp and detailed sound
  • Sleek and distinctive design
  • Excellent build quality
  • Small-sized speakers that fit into any room
  • Utilizes patented Heat stream technology

Manufactured country : FRANCE 

Color: White

Waterfall Serio On-Wall Bookshelf Speaker

Product specification

Crave for rich and dynamic sound reproduction from a small-sized speaker? Then meet The Hurricane’s series little brother – SERIO. Boasting a sleek and contemporary design, the Serio speaker seamlessly fits into every room with its true sonic achievement. These speakers are compact, making them discreet, unimposing options for living room AV or desktop PC use. The speaker measures only 125 (w) x 125 (h). They are perfect for mounting on the wall as they won’t stick much further than your set.

Die cast

Aluminium Structure

Colors available

Black or White

Option (see accessories)

Angled bracket (15°)