Waterfall Victoria Evo Floor Standing Speaker

Sale priceAED 18,163.00

Mush have Floor Standing Speaker

  • High Density Krysta-Line Glass
  • Removable Grills
  • Innovative Design And Technology
  • Patented ADT Technology
  • Elegant Design And Superb Audio

Manufactured country : FRANCE 

Color: White

Waterfall Victoria Evo Floor Standing Speaker

Product specification

Victoria EVO is made of High Density Krysta-Line Glass -  giving it a classy transparent look. Its elegant, attractive design incorporates all the latest innovations to ensure the highest performance with crystal-clear sound delivered with intensity by premium speakers. It uses unique features like its speaker grill arrangement which allows for low bass frequencies to be enjoyed without excessive vibrations.


The Victoria Evo is the 3rdgeneration of our best-seller, andperhaps our best value.


Thisamazing speaker excels with all musical styles.