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6 Types Of Outdoor Speakers That Will Elevate Your Audio Experience

6 Types Of Outdoor Speakers That Will Elevate Your Audio Experience

Whether you’re jazzing up your backyard for a cozy family get-together or setting up a stage for a grand outdoor party - choosing the right type of outdoor is essential to set the mood and the ambiance. 

No matter the size and shape of your outdoor space, you have different kinds of outdoor speakers available at MKB Bespoke Audio to fit your audio needs. 

In this guide we’ll break down the different types of outdoor speakers along with their key features to help you find the right one for designing an entertaining outdoor space.

You can skip this guide and invest in KEF outdoor speakers built with exceptional sound quality and durability. KEF’s Uni-Q technology ensures wide dispersion, eliminates distortion, and delivers an unparalleled audio experience. Its sleek and elegant design can seamlessly blend into any outdoor setting and will provide you with excellent performance for years to come.

Types Of Outdoor Speakers 

There are different varieties of outdoor speakers available in Dubai, each designed to meet the unique audio and aesthetic needs of every user. Here is a list of a few of them:

Wall Mount Outdoor Speakers 

These speakers are designed to deliver high-quality audio in outdoor settings while being securely mounted on walls or other structures. These versatile speakers are ideal for saving space and ensuring stability and are built with weather-resistant materials to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Wall mount outdoor speakers deliver clear, deep bass sound with wide dispersions. To experience its full sound potential, pair it with a KEF subwoofer Dubai to enjoy those clear highs and lows. 

These speakers are ideal for patios, decks, or any outdoor space with vertical surfaces to mount them easily.

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Rock Outdoor Speakers 

These speakers are designed to be mounted on ceilings or hung like pendants to camouflage them with your surrounding landscape. As the name suggests, these speakers look like real rocks and are water-resistant, ceasing to withstand extreme temperatures, rain, and sun while delivering consistent performance. 

The sound quality of rock speakers depends on their mod and size, but when paired with the KEF KC62 Subwoofer, it delivers high-fidelity sounds with clear highs and lows. 

Rock outdoor speakers offer an unobtrusive solution to audiophiles and are a great way to enhance your outdoor audio experience while blending with the natural surrounding beauty.

Ideal for covered porches, verandas, or any area with ceiling mounting.

Landscape / Spike Out Speakers 

These speakers are designed to be installed in the ground amongst your flower beds, seamlessly blending in with your landscape. They are mounted on spikes for easy installation and placement on the ground. Also, it's worth noting that these speakers can be mounted on the wall, on the ground, or even suspended from chains.

Landscape speakers project sound upwards and it prioritizes aesthetics, offering a pleasant soundscape that blends with your garden.

These speakers are ideal for gardens, landscapes, and outdoor spaces where sound is where you desire an even sound dispersion.

Weatherproof Ceiling Speakers

KEF outdoor speakers like Ci110fct are designed to be installed in flush into your ceiling or the eaves of your house, allowing for a discrete and unobtrusive foundation. They are built with strong weather-resistant materials and are specifically cut out to bring high-quality sound to outdoor patios or covered decks while remaining inconspicuous.

You can also buy high-quality KEF outdoor speakers from MKB Bespoke Audio with amazing offers and discounts.

Outdoor Subwoofers 

Outdoor subwoofers are designed to add deep bass to your outdoor sound system, and they can either be surface-mounted or buried in the ground. There are various quality subwoofers available in the market, like KEF KC62 Subwoofers, that can reproduce low-frequency sounds, ultimately enriching your outdoor music experience with a fuller, more theater-like sound.

Pair your KEF KC62 Subwoofers with a KEF outdoor speaker and witness the power it adds to your audio experience.

Wireless Outdoor Speakers

KEF wireless speakers are lightweight, portable, run on battery life, and feature wireless connection capabilities like Bluetooth. They're mainly built for convenience and mobility and can be placed anywhere for instant, high-quality, party-ready sound. 

Many wireless outdoor speakers are equipped with a karaoke feature with a wireless mic, which may be a hit or miss depending on personal preferences!

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, there are ample options available to add music to your garden. Honestly, KEF outdoor speakers are a great investment if you know which one to choose as per your needs and budget.

Whether you have several acres of land or a small backyard, MKB Bespoke Audio can help you find the right solution for your outdoor space. They are one of the few trusted KEF distributors UAE, where you will get genuine products with full manufacturer's warranty support.

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