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Your Favorite Buying Guide To Wireless Speakers

Wireless Speaker

Frankly, wireless speakers are everywhere these days. Wireless or Bluetooth speakers provide simple cable-free connections that don’t require you to compromise on sound quality. There are wireless speakers for every situation. However, with so many varieties and options, picking the right one can become challenging. 

This wireless Speakers Dubai guide will help you buy the right speakers for your needs.

But first, we’ll start with the basics….

What is A Wireless Speaker?

Under normal circumstances, speakers are required to be connected to an audio source by a cable. But wireless does not rely on any physical cables; instead, use the wireless audio peripheral, the same Bluetooth audio protocol as Bluetooth wireless cell phone earpieces or in-car speakerphone systems.

Some wireless speakers can connect to Wi-Fi systems or by cables too. But its appeal lies in its portability.

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How Are Wireless Speakers Different From Wi-FI Speakers?

Both wireless speakers and Bluetooth speakers eliminate wires but differ in the way they connect. That said, wireless speakers can use both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

Wi-Fi speakers connect with your home network, but they usually require an outlet. However, wireless speakers connect directly to your phone for portability. To put it simply, Wi-Fi speakers are ideal for home audio, while wireless speakers are your on-the-go buddy.

What Are The Different Types of Wireless Speakers?

When it comes to wireless speakers Dubai it is much more complicated than you assumed. The first step towards determining the type of wireless speaker you need depends on your intent to use the speaker. Here are some of the types of wireless speakers 

  • Waterproof Bluetooth speakers

Technically, no electronics are waterproof, but some wireless speakers have a higher durability than others. The official IP (Ingress Protection) rating is a good indicator of durability. The IP rating is important because it shows that the product has passed a series of tests to earn an official water or dust resistance rating. Standard water resistance is IPX4. Anything IPX7 and above can handle varying levels of submersion. A speaker with an IP44 rating is both water and dust-resistant. 

The best wireless speakers tend to be water-resistant but not always tough.

  • Portable Wireless Speakers 

Yes Bluetooth speakers are all about portability.   However, some wireless speakers are much more portable than others. Many portable speakers have some water resistance because manufacturers expect users to use them under unpredictable weather conditions.

Compact wireless speakers offer a good balance between sound quality and size.

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  • Smart Bluetooth Speakers with Wi-Fi

This type of wireless speaker is usually marketed as a wireless smart speaker. Smart wireless speakers are usually reserved for the home and offer the possibility of untethered listening. Smart speakers connect wirelessly to your WiFI network and are different from simpler wireless speakers in terms of high-resolution audio playback. Wi-Fi smart speakers offer better sound quality than standalone wireless speakers because they support lossless playback. 

The majority of smart wireless speakers allow hands-free use of a given smart assistant. This could be Siri or Google Assistant. It's great for when you are cooking, doing your chores, and want to check the weather or make an inquiry. The smart speakers tend to be the most expensive of them all due to the additional hardware and software. A smart speaker will be a worthwhile purchase if you have a smart home.

  • Party Wireless Speakers 

Backyard parties or pool parties need wireless speakers to power the party. Party speakers are designed to pump out big sounds, often with features like deep bass and flashing lights to create a lively atmosphere. They're ideal for gatherings, parties, or outdoor events where you want to fill a large space with music.

Being wireless means they connect to your device (phone, tablet, etc.) using Bluetooth, eliminating the need for messy wires. This allows for more flexibility in placement and avoids tripping hazards.

Important Features of Wireless Speakers 

Whether you prefer a refined sonic presentation or all about the bass, you will want certain functionalities in your wireless audio systems Dubai so that you can take complete control.

  • Inputs and Outputs 

Auxiliary audio inputs are a common feature of wireless speakers. These allow you to connect source components, like TVs, or vintage CD players, or cassette decks, straight to the speaker just by using a cable. Certain speakers have USB ports where you can charge your tablet or phone. You can connect optical digital audio input with devices like Blu-ray/DVD/CD players.

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  • Connectors and Docks

Depending on the device model you use, you can connect a smartphone or other device using a USB cable to get rid of those unpleasant dropouts that often occur with wireless connections. For this, you’ll need the right cables for your device. Android phones come with a USB C jack, while most iPhones have nine-pin Lightning connectors.

  • Remote Control and Voice Recognition

When it comes to wireless speakers Dubai, voice recognition may seem like a fun way to turn up the music without leaving the dance floor. But unfortunately, it's not always reliable! You can better operate your wireless speakers from a distance using a normal remote or an app on your smart device. New models of Bluetooth speakers Dubai are taking voice recognition to a whole new level by adding full-blown smart speaker functionality.

  • Online Music Services 

In tandem with digital audio from a computer, many wireless Speakers Dubai give you direct access to streaming music services like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music and more. 

  • Hands-Free Speakerphone Functionality

Though available to only a few Bluetooth speakers Dubai, this feature gives you the opportunity to receive phone calls directly from your speakers.

Bringing It All Together

When it comes to actually shopping for wireless speakers Dubai, be ready to be overwhelmed by the variety of speakers available in the market. However, with the right audio partners by your side, you will be able to find the right speakers - whether wireless or wired - that fit your music needs and budget. 

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