Kef Ci4100ql Uni-q 3 Way In-wall Custom Install Speaker

Sale priceAED 2,325.00

Exceptionally Stylish In-Wall Custom Install Speaker

  • Certified in-wall speaker
  • Professional studio speakers
  • High output and imaging quality
  • Terrific sound performance
  • Appropriate frequency response

Manufactured country : UK 

Color: White

Kef Ci4100ql Uni-q 3 Way In-wall Custom Install Speaker

Product specification

For movies or music, your speaker installation needs to be perfect to get flawlessly accurate three-dimensional sound. That’s exactly what KEF’s Ci4100QL speaker does – give you startlingly clear and breathtakingly realistic sound. The speaker features KEF’s legendary “sit-anywhere” Uni-Q driver array technology. It has the tweeter in the acoustic centre of the bass/midrange cone. This allows both the tweeter and woofer of the speaker to act as a single point to disperse the sound widely and evenly throughout the room.


Q Series

Frequency response (±6dB) open-backed

55Hz - 28kHz

Nominal coverage


Drive units

LF: 3 x 100 mm (4 in.), MF: 100 mm (4 in.) Uni-Q, HF: 19 mm (0.75 in.)

Amplifier power

10 - 150 W