Truaudio Bd-8 Speaker

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Premium Hi-Fi Speaker

  • Powerful pendulum speaker
  • Crystal-clear high and low frequencies
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Best component selection
  • Tool-free gripple suspension sets

Manufactured country : USA 

Color: Black

Truaudio Bd-8bk Speaker

Product specification

TruAudio’s new BD-8BK series blends innovation, modern aesthetics, and cutting-edge acoustics cleverly. This BeatDrop™ series speaker is an ideal choice for rooms or venues with open architecture or high ceilings. It is an 8-inch, two-way ported pendant speaker that is designed with an accurate and wide dispersion pattern. Combined with a low bass extension, the BD-8K speaker provides excellently clear sound reproduction.


Pendant, 2-way


1" Silk soft dome


Not available


8" Molded polypropylene


125 watts