TruAudio GHTW-5.1-SS-12 Home Theatre Package, In-Wall

Sale priceAED 13,092.00

All-In-One Premium Home Theatre Package

  • Magnetic frameless grill
  • Bass equalization adjustments
  • Front-mounted slot port
  • Reliably high-powered sound
  • 3-way design speakers

Manufactured country : USA 

Color: Black


Product specification

Get TruAudio’s premium GHT-66 P (3), GHT-SUR-P (2), and SS-12 (1)  – all in one package. 

  • GHT-66 P and GHT-SUR-P: TruAudio’s new GHOST series has evolved from the ground up and the GHT-66 P and the GHT-SUR-P are a true testament to this. It looks, performs, and functions phenomenally and even has low-impact packaging. 
  • SS-12: Blend these revolutionary speakers with a newly designed SS-12 amplifier. The SS-12 delivers efficient and reliable high-powered sound perfectly. Amp up your home theatre audio system with this amazing package!



with bass reflex

Central channel speaker height, mm


Subwoofer height, mm


Guarantee period

1 year