Truaudio Trunami-dsp-2pak Subwoofers, Includes: (2) Trunami-sub

Sale priceAED 10,152.00

Powerful Full-Range Package

  •       Optimized Digital Equalizer
  •       Independent EQ
  •       High-Frequency Response
  •       Extended Bass Response

Manufactured country : USA 

Color: Black


Product specification

This package is designed to give you excellent performance and versatility. It includes two trunami-subwoofers and one TRU-S500DSP amplifier which is capable of high power. The trunami subwoofers provide quick, accurate and dynamic bass performance in a great looking enclosure that blends seamlessly into any home audio setup.


Subwoofer amplifier

Power Output

500 watts RMS (Root Mean Square)


Includes built-in DSP for advanced control and tuning

Amplifier Class

Specific amplifier class may vary, typically Class D for efficiency


Includes various input and output options for integration into audio systems