Waterfall Lcr500 In-wall Speaker

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Sleek And Stylish In-Wall Speaker

  • Waterfall sonic signature sound
  • Breath-taking audio quality
  • High-performance in-wall speakers
  • XXS depth-XXL sound
  • Dense bass reproduction

Manufactured country : FRANCE 

Color: Black

Waterfall Lcr500 In-wall Speaker

Product specification

Waterfall’s LCR-500 speaker shoots the tine quality and the Waterfall sonic signature to new unexplored heights. The speaker responds to the most demanding audio expectations in terms of perfect acoustic pressure. You can identify at a glance the terrific potential of the speaker by looking at the quality of its components. Essentially intended to be installed as an in-wall speaker, this sound system delivers breath-taking sound. 


Pro Custom Series


9,9 cm (4")

Color available